My nannies and I are motivated by the fact that we care about children. We are outgoing people that could have chosen any career we want in life but we have chosen to be nannies because this is where our hearts are drawn to.

The fees charged are a reflection of our hours of learning and the skills developed which are and will continue to be passed on to the families that request our services. Cost of living, seasonal work, supply and demand also governs the area in which we live and work.

What sets us apart from the other services is that Neta's Nannies is a reputable business in our community and we focus on good business practices. Most of my nannies have the TrustLine background check. The nannies can provide proof of their background at the time of service or I can fax it to you at the time of booking when given enough notice. They bring a bag of age appropriate toys and are energetic and outgoing.

The Hyatt in Incline Village 775-832-1234 and The Marriot Grand Residence at Heavenly 530-542-8400 are just a couple of our long time partners. We work with wedding coordinators and those providing concierge serveses. 

BEWARE OF COPY CATS! Other services may claim to be "all about kids" or "interactive" but do your homework. There is more than one service in the area that the owner has worked for me and believe me, I have good reason to no longer be contracting with them. Anyone can own a nanny service, even when they failed a background check and that is a big problem if you ask me but that is the law that governs us.

You should do your research and be informed. This is a small community.

We offer a discount rate for the Placement Fee. If you book five dates "Placements" in a three month period you will get a discount rate of $20.00 per placement. A $10 saving ($20 discount for Holiday Rates)

There is a 5 hour minimum for day jobs and a 3 hour minimum for jobs stating after 4:30pm. There is a $2.00 more per hour fee for jobs at resorts for hotel gratuity.

When you have a nanny with TrustLine Certification it will be an additional $5.00 more per hour. Please be sure and ask for one if that is what you want. In some cases it might be that a TrustLine Certified nanny is all we have available.

You will find the Rate Sheet along with the Release Form available at the bottom of this page in PDF.

1 or 2 Children
$23.00 for a Trustline Certitified Nanny ($18.00 per hour for non cleared nanny)

3 Children
$27.00 for a TrustLine Certified Nanny ($22.00 per hour non cleared nanny)

If three or more are 3 yrs old or under an additional nanny may be required. The rate is ($9.00 per child - NOT ALL IN DIAPERS) $27.00 per hour and 32.00 per hour for a TrustLine Certified nanny. If all three are in diapers I will only place a TrustLine Certified nanny.

4 Children (Siblings)
$31.00 for the TrustLine Certified Nanny (26.00 per hour for a non cleared nanny)

4 Children Unrelated Ages 4 to 14, A 4 HR MINIMUM
$28.00 per hour($7.00 per child, up to 6 children per nanny) for a non TrustLine cleared nanny or 33.00 per hour for four children with a TrustLine Certified Nanny and $7.00 more per child up to ten kids.

Placement Fee: This is what I charge to refer a nanny to a family. It is charged every time and is for each group of time.

The Placement Fee is $30.00 for each time the nanny comes to you. It is charged to a Visa or M.C. Book five or more days at a time and the Placement Fee will drop down to 20.00 for each placement across the board. A $10 discount ($20 discount for Holidays)

The hourly rate is to be paid to the nanny in cash or check. They prefer CASH

Cancellation Policy: No charge if a two week advance notice is given.

Between two weeks and 48 hours: $30 per placement or $50 on holidays.

IF LESS THAN A 48 HR NOTICE IS GIVEN (for what ever reason): The Placement Fee plus the hourly rate quoted for number of hours that you requested will be charged to your credit card.

We ask that if anyone in the house is sick, PLEASE DO NOT EXPOSE US. Yes, this is a cancellation.

If your child or children becomes sick while the nanny is watching them, you will be contacted and asked to come back immediately. Sick children want to be with their parents and nannies not nurses although you could get lucky because I do have some nannies that are nurses. It does not matter the case even if it is not contagious. If the children or anyone else in the house is vomiting, has diarrhea or is running a fever it is a cancellation on your part and you will still be charged accordingly. Read more on this at the bottom of this page.

Why we have a cancellation police: Things happen. It is no ones fault. Sickness and the weather are the top two reasons for canceling. My nannies and I are in business to make a living. We plan our lives around family’s schedules. When we can’t work, it means a bill does not get paid. This is an agreement that we all understand before making our plans. When more notice is given, other plans can sometimes be made. We care about your families’ health and the health of others including ourselves. We hope that you can understand and keep all this in mind if anything were to happen, God forbid. Believe me, we want to watch your children and have fun while doing it.

Weather changes on a dime here in Tahoe and snow is normal. It would be considered canceling UNLESS the road between your accommodations and the nannies house is closed or the nanny and the family agree that it is best to cancel because driving is just too difficult or dangerous. We are committed to getting to our job so understand and keep your commitment as well. You will need to provide a place for the nanny to park her car off of the road between November 1st and May 1st.

If it is a windy and snowy day and you don’t want to ski but the nanny can get to you then go shopping or play board or card games in the lodge but if you cancel you will still be charged.

If you think that you can't make it to Tahoe, call with a 48 hour notice or take a chance and pay the full rate if you cancel. Thank you for your understanding on the matter.

Neta’s Nannies is a referral service and not an employment service. All nannies are independent contractors. My insurance covers my office only. It is always a good idea to leave insurance cards with the nanny but not required unless you want her to take them somewhere. This brings up another issue. If you plan to let the nanny drive your car they will need to be added to your insurance policy first and we will need written proof. Your insurance, not the nannies insurance.

A Release Form must be signed by each family before you leave. If the Release Form is not signed, it is the same as canceling.

You can print the Release Form at the bottom of this page or one will be supplied for you at the time of service. This is a legal form. Make an effort to read it completely before filling it out.

The Release Form covers:

1) Liability Waver: Relinquishing all claims or possible liability with Neta's Nannies.

2) Contract Agreement: Agreeing to not privately engage in business with the nanny. My nannies are required to tell me if you ask them to go around the service and you run the risk of falling out of favor with me.

3) Medical Release: Stating that you would want the nanny to seek medical care, should this be necessary. And we ask that you list ANY allergies or specific health conditions.

Please use good judgment when your child has a cold but is not running a fever. We do not want to run the risk of getting sick ourselves. I have seen kids with runny noses and bad coughs that I had wished the parents would have thought twice about leaving. I came down with the flu when a child had a runny nose and red eyes. The mother told me, "Oh, he is fine. He had red eyes with the last cold" And I don't get sick easily.
The nanny is always responsible for cleaning up after each activity (helping is encouraged in children over one year old) preparing meals for the children and cleaning up after.
The nanny will need to have adequate clean space for playing with the children and a clean space for preparing meals.
For a fee of $75.00 we will do light housekeeping. Cleaning the kitchen: loading and unloading the dishwasher, wiping down the counter tops and stove and taking out the trash. Picking up the floor and vacuuming. Toilets, dusting, mopping, doing laundry and cleaning up vomit are not included.
A sick house (when anyone is sick) or an unclean or unsafe environment can all be reasons for a cancellation on the families behalf and you would still be charged for the full day or days if less than a forty-eight hour notice is given.
Please note that an adult might need to stay and watch the children while the nanny cleans. The nanny also reserves the right to refuse to do the cleaning and of course would if people in the house are sick.
All children that are under 15 years of age and in the home with no other adult supervision are then considered in our care and all the above applies.

Don’t forget that Presidents Week is a holiday “Ski Skate Week” here in California. Follow the link at the top of this page for holiday rates.

I hope you can understand and respect our service as professional nannies.


Rate Sheet for NON TRUSTLINE