You will find everything that you need to get started as a nanny on this page. I am available if you have questions or concerns. I know it is a lot to read and fill out so please give yourself plenty of time and follow all the steps.

This is a wonderful and rewarding career and only the ones up for the challenge need apply. If you think about what the cost and time that would be involved to pursue a professional career in any other field of work and then look at the cost and time involved in doing one of the most important if not the most important job in the universe, what is being asked of you is minimal.

Please show honesty, emotion and passion in all of your endeavors. Do not take short cuts.

Sincerely, Neta Baughman

Below you will find PDF files of the Nanny Application and Evaluation Form.  YOU WILL NEED TO PRINT THEM OUT.  THE ADDRESS IS ON THE TOP OF THE APPLICATION FOR WHERE TO MAIL IT.  If you are unable to open and print them then you will need to download the
REFERENCE: The person or persons to whom one seeking employment may refer for recommendation; also, a written statement or testimonial, as of character or dependability.THE EVALUATION FORM IS REQUIRED from ALL SIX of your references.

You will need to have the Evaluation Forms filled out and returned to me BY ALL OF YOUR REFERENCES. They can FAX or mail them to me. The instructions are provided at the bottom of each Evaluation Form. You can direct them to this web-site to get the form or I can FAX the form to your references if you call me with their fax number. Snail mail is also an option.

TRUSTLINE is a background check done through the California Department of Social Services. It requires you to go to the local sheriffs office to get LiveScan (on a computer) finger prints.

IF YOU LIVE IN CALIFORNIA YOU ARE REQUIRED TO HAVE THE TRUSTLINE BACKGROUND CHECK. I will provide you with the needed forms at the interview. The cost is 81.00 to the county Police Department and 43.00 to the California Department of Justice. YES, It is required. Make your appointment (two or three weeks out) now!

Locations and phone numbers for making your appointment for LiveScan are:

Tahoe City PD 530-581-6300 other locations might charge more. Check pricing when you make your appointment.
SLT PD 530-542-6100
Truckee Police Department charges more.

CPR (child, infant and adult) and First Aid are also required. To make an appointment for a class you will need to check with local hospitals and fire departments. Here are a list of some sources.

Do you just need to renew? This is a low cost course offered online. (cut and paste to your browser)

ALEX  with


Tahoe Forest Hospital in Truckee 530-587-3769
Northstar Fire Department 530-562-1212
Squaw Valley Fire Department 530-583-6111
Carson City Fire Department 775-887-2210
SLT Fire Department 530-577-3737
Barton Hospital 530-543-5549

Choices for Children . . . . . . . . 530-541-5848
They sometimes offer classes and will also provide reimbursement money for all of the cost for you class (even if not taken there) up to 5.00. Call them to get the required form. They are located in SLT.

Thank you for taking the time to apply and I look forward to meeting with you. Once I hear from a few of your references and I have your application in my hand, I will be calling you for an interview. Do not delay in getting the application in the mail and check in with me often. Feel free to call me with any questions. I look forward to having you as one of my nannies.Thank you for your investment. Neta