Long Term Placements are based on the number of hours you will need the nanny weekly and is a one time charge. There is a 50.00 charge to interview a nanny. The hourly rate is to be determined when the nanny comes for the interview however, I do like to get an idea of what you plan to offer and what the nanny is expecting to make and let the other know.

The Placement Fee is due one week before the nanny starts the job. Once you have paid the Placement Fee, you can not exceed the hours for a period for three months without paying the difference. When you need the nanny to go over the hours that have been agreed upon before the three month period is up or you would like to just try them out before paying the Long Term Placement Fee, then you pay the Full Rate just as if it were a Short Term Placement. The Rates are available on page two of this website.

When I place a nanny long term in California, I pay for the TrustLine background check out of the Placement Fee.

19 or less hours a week is 350.00

20 to 29 hours a week is 550.00

And 30 to 40 plus a week is 850.00

All placements are done in good faith that the nanny will stay for as long as you need them. If they leave early and have filed a complaint on the family, then I will not be responsible for placing another nanny but in any other situation, I will do my best to place another nanny but I offer no guarantee. If the nanny was in service for a year or more, another placement fee will be charged.

I have placed many great nannies long term and would be glad to give references if needed. It always surprises me how I am just the go between and I am able to make such good matches. I get great joy out of that and I hope to be able to do the same for you.

We refer clients with payroll tax questions to HomeWork Solutions, Inc. at
1-800-NANITAX (800-626-4829). They have provided nanny payroll and tax services nationwide since 1993. Their clients include employers of nannies, housekeepers, personal assistants and elder care workers. HomeWork Solutions website is www.4nannytaxes.com