We look forward to having a wonderful experience with your family just as we have with many others.

TO GET STARTED-call me! I book all jobs over the phone with parents. Call 530-583-3579. To hold your spot, I will need a Visa or Master Card. I charge the credit card after the date or dates the Placement Fee or Fees. Refer to the Rates page by clicking on the link at the top of this page for more information on costs.

Welcome to our website. It is an exciting time in Tahoe. I LOVE this time of year. So many fun things to do and not enough time to do them all! 

ABOUT ME "Neta" (long "e"): I am the mother of my 25 year old daughter. She was born three weeks early at 4lbs. and 4oz. With feedings every two hours for the first month, she was a lot of work. I could have used a nanny too.
In May 2009 my daughter graduated High School with honors. I am so proud of her! Now she is off to college.
When she was 6 years old and started school, I was having such a hard time being away from her. My solution was to work in a daycare. I had six little two year olds five days a week and my daughter could come there after school. A few years later my daughter and I moved to North Lake Tahoe. My experience qualified me for a job with Annie’s Nannies. I worked for them through the winter of 2000/2001 and in March of that year I bought out the Lake Tahoe portion of the business. I renamed it Neta's Nannies right away and I have been thrilled with it ever since. I can't think of anything I would rather be doing in life. Providing quality child care in Lake Tahoe brings me great joy.
I know how important it is to have quality care, so I have high standards for the nannies I refer out. Rest assured you are getting a nanny that I would of approve to of watched my own child. All of my nannies are at least 18yrs old, have a history of child care, and have current C.P.R. and First Aid Certification.
In addition, I have nannies that have undergone a background check called "TrustLine". Enacted through the California Dept of Justice, everything is checked. ANYTHING that would disqualify them from watching children will be subject to California Dept of Juistice standards.  You can contact TrustLine at 1-800-822-8490. You can also find a link to them on the left hand side of this page. 

Whether at your hotel, vacation rental or at your home you will find our service first rate. 

It is important to us that everyone be safe and healthy. For this reason we ask that you stay home with your child if they are running a fever, vomiting or have diarrhea.

PLEASE leave all war toys at home. I have seen first hand how this promotes violence in a child’s behavior and my nannies need to be safe and in control.

We want you to have a wonderful time and we look forward to many happy returns.

Thank You, Neta Baughman





We are down to the wire in California. SB 277 goes in to effect in less than 1 month. There are countless families across the state who, due to their deeply held convictions, have found themselves with their backs against the wall as a result of SB 277.

The legal effort aiming to overturn SB 277 is strongly underway and, at this critical juncture, the legal team wants to further understand the current level of impact being experienced due to SB 277.

If you have a partially vaccinated child and one or more of the following categories apply to you, please send Our Kids Our Choice (OKOC) a descriptive email at OKOCinfo@yahoo.com.

1. Parents whose children are to be excluded THIS FALL from Kindergarten or the 7th grade, or who have moved to California from another state and have no PBE to be “grandfathered’”.

2. Parents with the specific religious objection of injecting aborted fetal cells in to their children.

3. Parents whose attempts to obtain exemptions due to medical concerns have been frustrated, particularly parents informed that only the CDC “contraindications” are acceptable.

4. Parents who object to Hepatitis B vaccine.

5. Medical professionals who object to certain vaccines.

6. Parents who have been informed in writing that their children will be excluded this fall.

7. Parents whose child’s Medical Exemption has been denied by their school.

8. Parents whose child with an IEP is being denied admission by their school.

9. Parents residing in Orange County whose children are impacted by SB 277 in the 2016-2017 school year.

Please share this with anyone you know for whom any of the above might apply.